MAS National contracted to deliver Apprenticeships Support Network

Posted: 30th Jun

MAS National is pleased to announce being selected to deliver the Australian Apprenticeships Support Network (AASN) for the Australian Government over the next three years for South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

MAS National has developed a unique model, called the MAS Experience, that has been developed over 30 years of apprenticeship support know-how, combined with a range of new and innovative solutions. In a focused effort to improve apprentice completion rates, the MAS Experience supports people in selecting their career pathway, as well as matching employers with suitable apprentice and trainee candidates in order to improve their completion rates.

The MAS Experience also involves intensive support and mentoring for both the apprentice and the business. This will utilise a range of communications and support methods – face to face, phone and online. This initiative will be delivered by a MAS National consortium including Apprenticeships Group Australia (AGA) in Victoria, Business & Employment in Tasmania, Work & Training in Tasmania and Career Employment Group (CEG) across the three States.

Poul Bottern CEO of MAS National said “It’s a pleasure to deliver these services on behalf of the Australian Government which seek higher completion rates for Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian apprentices. Our consortium offers a unique model for a higher rate of successful job matching. This ensures more apprentices choose the job they want the first time. Our unique offering of intensive support, will see increased engagement with both businesses and apprentices to see success rates rise.”

MAS National has delivered these type of support services to employers and apprentices for 18 years. This new service builds on this experience and increases the support provided to achieve optimal local outcomes for businesses and individuals alike.

The AASN will introduce more efficient online processes that focus resources away from paperwork and into delivering advice and direct support to apprentices and employers. These employers, particularly small business owners, will receive more efficient help in navigating the apprenticeships system, while individuals will be better assisted to complete their training and become job ready.

“This endorses our suite of services and places both MAS National and our consortium partners as key providers of apprenticeship services and support in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. We have a long-standing history of working with local communities and businesses and are confident we can deliver a high level of expertise and successful programs. We are looking forward to working with businesses and apprentices to improve completion rates. We look forward to seeing more apprentices get qualified and become employed” Mr Bottern concludes.