AirCV's open doors

Posted: 6th Mar

Have you created an AirCV Yet?

An AirCV is an online resume, meaning it's now even easier for you to showcase your skills and encourage an employer to give you an opportunity!

By activating an AirCV on MAS Jobs, you can:

  • Create a visually effective resume that's easy to update
  • Easily share your resume with prospective employers  through email, SMS or the traditional print
  • Enable the MAS National team to find you when we have the perfect role for you
  • Share your resume on social media to increase your opportunities
  • Apply for jobs using your AirCV
  • Put a link or QR code to your AirCV on personal business cards

How do you create one?

Our team can now headhunt you for jobs!

If we find a job we think you'll love, we'll call you to discuss the opporunity. Please answer your phone or return our calls so we can put you forward. 

You're ready to promote yourself!

Remember this is your career. The best way to get a job quickly is if you take charge and promote yourself. Actively seek out and apply for opportunities that you're interested in, try get work experience where you can and remember first impressions count! 

Share your AirCV with potential employers, friends and family to open updoors to your future. You never who might know your next employer!